Saudi Arabia’s 5 most significant Apps install in your Smart phones now…

Saudi Arabia’s 5 most significant Apps install in your Smart phones now…

Assalamualaikum, Hello Everyone!

Here in this article we will come across with the most significant applications you should download it in your smart phone if you are a leaving in Saudi Arabia.

The purpose of this post is for you to know that which application will best suites for your requirement.

So, Let’s see the applications. Later we will understand in details about the purpose of keeping it in your Smart phones.

  1. Absher
  2. Tawakkalna
  3. Eatmarna
  4. Sehhaty
  5. Absher Individual

Now, Let us see in details…


You can install Absher, from below based on your smartphone model.

Absher – Playstore – Android

Absher – Apple store – IOS

Absher is an official individual eService Mobile application.

With Absher, Which is available in Arabic and English, you will be able to perform many services for individuals in KSA whether they are residents or citizens.

GCC citizens, dependents of residents and visitors can now open Absher accounts.

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You can safely browse your profile or your family members, or labors that are working for you, and perform a wide range of eservices online.

You can see vehicles information, Also if any traffic violations under your name.

Visa services for your dependents like issuance of Exit / Reentry Visa

Under passport services, You can see about yourself and dependents Iqama validity.

Extend visit VISA and many more services.


You can install Tawakkalna, from below based on your smartphone model.

Tawakkalna – Playstore – Android

Tawakkalna – Apple store – IOS

This application is all about to request the curfew passes and other COVID-19 related services.

It is an official application approved by the Saudi Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and was developed by the National Information center.

Saudi Arabia has launched a digital “health passport,” that is available through the Ministry of Health’s Tawakkalna application. The ‘passport’ will contain a registry of an individual’s vaccination against the coronavirus disease and confirmation that the individual is immune to the virus.

This application is recently updated to include the vaccine information, including an individual status as vaccinated or infected.

Now functions as a COVID-19 passport.

All of the residents and Citizens need to register for this application as it has made a requirement before being allowed entry into malls, Shops and restaurants.

It has become an mandatory application to be installed in our smartphones for entries in public places.

After login in make sure you have the Barcode appearing. Update the phone number and personal information asked.

Even you can book the appointment for the Covid-19 tests as shown above, You will be allotted with the drive-through test scheduled timing and can have a test based on the appointment by choosing your convenient nearest test center.

Result for the Covid-19 will be messaged on your mobiles or you can login in Tawakkalna and check for the result as well.


You can install Eatmarna, from below based on your smartphone model.

Eatmarna – Playstore – Android

Eatmarna – Apple store – IOS

This application is for the issuance of permits to enter the Two Holy Mosques

Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has launched the Eatmarna application to enable those wishing to perform Umrah and visit to request the issuance of permit to enter the Two Holy Mosques to perform the Umrah, visit and prayers according to the capacity approved by the concerned authorities.

You will basically need to show the electronic permit during the entrance of the two Holy Mosques.

Ministry makes 14-day gap between two Umrahs mandatory.

Ministry of Hajj also warns against the bogus permits, Please book it through the application ONLY.

Its quite very easy to book the permits, I have a complete step by step process for it as below.

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You can even purchase the transportation service if needed, Its not mandatry.


You can install SEHHATY, from below based on your smartphone model.

SEHHATY – Playstore – Android

SEHHATY – Apple store – IOS

This application is all about the Health services for you and your family

Sehhaty is provided under the supervision of Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia, It aims to enable individuals to reach health information and medical e-services provided by health organizations in the Kingdom.

You can even retrieve or share the sick leaves by this application if its needed in your company to show. You can even track the Steps by it.

Sehhaty includes:

  • Book an appointment for COVID-19 test
  • View issued sick leave
  • view prescribed medication
  • Tele-consultation
  • Search the medication and nearest pharmacies
  • Book an appointment in primary healthcare centers
  • Add dependent

It is used to register an individual for the Vaccination for COVID-19

The registration to receive the vaccine is available to everyone through the Sehhaty application.

If the dates are postponed for the Vaccination scheduled appointments earlier, Then the ministry spokesman said the new appointment can be known through the text message sent to the applicants or through the ministry’s Sehhaty application.

Please submit your personal information in the Sehhaty application after the registration.

1 million peoples have been applied for vaccine through Health Ministry’s Sehhaty application according to the sources of Arab News as on January 7, 2021.

The Health Ministry said everyone should create an online account on the Sehhaty application to get the vaccine. It added that family members cannot get appointments for each other

ABSHER Individuals

You can install ABSHER Individuals, from below based on your smartphone model.

ABSHER Individuals – Playstore – Android

ABSHER Individuals – Apple store – IOS

This application provides clear and easy steps to perform your services securely.

Through Absher Individuals application on your smart phone would allow you to perform all your ABSHER platform services with a customized experience to browse data related to you and your family members.

Residents and Citizens can now enjoy the digital ID through the Absher Individual application.

Its quite very easy to get the Digital ID, I have a complete step by step process for it as below.

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Check for your traffic violations as well

Renew your driving license

Prince Bandar Al-Mashari, assistant minister of interior for technical affairs, announced that under the ministry’s digital transformation drive, Saudi citizens and expatriates do not require carrying plastic documents of their national identity, residency permit (iqama), driving license, and vehicle’s registration (istimara). Saudi Gazette : January 06, 2021.

You can even manage your Visit Visa on this application like renew of your dependents Visit Visa very easily.

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