What happens on The Internet every second? Content will shock you!

What happens on The Internet every second? Content will shock you!

Assalamualaikum, Hello Everyone!

Here in this article you will see some of the amazing facts about online Internet technology which now a days we can say controlling us.

According to the data from Internet LIVE stats, Says in 1 second..

9,281 Tweets sent

1,040 Instagram photos uploaded

1,813 Tumblr posts

5.,245 Skype calls

107,670 GB of Internet Traffic

88,418 Google searches

87,467 YouTube videos viewed

2,982,076 Emails sent

23 posts on LinkedIn (Source gtweb)

28,000 Likes on Instagram (Source Instagram)

6.944 Swipes on Tinder (Source TechCrunch)

8,100 photos and videos sent by the Users in Snapchat (Source Business Insider)

4,630 Stories uploaded on Snapchat (Source gtweb)

385 hours of Video, Audio and chat connections through Microsoft Skype (Source TheNextWeb)

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Upcoming 60 seconds (1 minute) infographic will visualize what happen on the web in just a minute

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Number of Active Users in descending order as of October 2020, Facebook leads the market

  • Facebook – 2,701 million
  • YouTube – 2,000 million
  • WhatsApp – 2,000 million
  • Instagram – 1,158 million
  • TikTok – 689million
  • Snapchat – 433 million
  • Pinterest- 416 million
  • Telegram- 400 million
  • Twitter- 353 million
  • Quora- 300 million

As especially 2020, due to Covid-19 which forced us to indoor and towards web based apps, This clearly shows that digital media gives the best opportunity to the marketers but you need the quality content to show up.

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Major Statistics

Out of 7.77 billion population in the world, 49.03% of population use social media network

3.81 billion people all around the world use social media worldwide

Out of 4.20 billion mobile internet users, 90.71% are still active users

Out of 3.81 billion social media network users, 98.68% access the websites or applications through a mobile device

Social media can increase your happiness and at the same time it can potentially make you unhappy and more isolated.

For students, spending time on the Internet can do more harm than good. The internet really affects students in both aspects negatively and positively. While the internet can be a reliable easy to access resource to help them with homework and school project, things can easily turn, when time on the internet will be overtaking the time for study and school.

Some of the Internet negative affects on Students

  • At this Stage of students life they will be learning about the world around them, the fact that peoples used to talk online instead of making effort to meet each other. Face to face social skills are not practiced.
  • Because everything is found on internet with less efforts this is decreasing the creativity in them.
  • Everything can be found on internet and this also is true for some or many inappropriate things. Students who are always on the internet are getting exposed themselves to such materials that can corrupt them. These things can result to bad mental behavior in these students.
  • Homework and other school projects assignments can be copied right off the internet, making cheating very easy with just a few clicks.
  • Those who spend a lot of time on line have an increased risk for developing internet addiction very common.
  • Some students stay up late at nights just surfing over random things on the internet. This is very harmful to the growing minds of upgrowing students.
  • Excessive internet usage also steals away time for family. For example, instead of enjoying dinner time with our loved ones together most of the students are found to bring their tablets on the Dining tables.

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Some common negative effects includes

  • Easy available of online material which is inappropriate and is not age suitable.
  • Some of them are known to misuse the internet to spread hate
  • Teenagers will end up with the problems like muscle pains, headache and obesity.
  • Many of them develop online relationship but same time loosing out on real time relationships.
  • Cybercrimes are the crimes that takes place due to presence of internet.

Some Positive impacts of internet includes

  • It provides effective communication by means of emails or instant messaging to any where in the world. Quick and free communication.
  • Banking and Shopping/Selling online have made life very less complicated specially in pandemic where the world should practice to be at home.
  • You can access LIVE NEWS from any where of the world without depending on the TV or news papers.
  • Most of the books and journals are available online which can boost our knowledge / Education same time. Increase your research and development skills.
  • Most of the Job vacancies are filled up with job applications which are advertised online.
  • Can seek or offer emotional support during your tough times

Lets modify the Social media use to improve mental health

  • Reduce the time you are online : Don’s bring your phone near your bed, Disable social media notifications, install apps which gives you the exact time you spend on social media each day, Turn off phone certain times a day.
  • Spend more time with offline friends : Interact with strangers / neighbors, Reach out to old friends, Join body fitness clubs.
  • Feel and Express gratitude about the important things in your life.

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